Free Yourself from the friction of your IT

By taking the friction out of your IT infrastructure, you can focus on getting things done.

With our Enterprise Care solution everyone's happy

Our Enterprise Care solution provides you with the peace of mind and support you need.

Worry about the things you care about and not your IT

We can manage your IT network and devices saving you from the friction of everyday IT

Managed Services

If you’re frustrated with you internal IT requirements and needs, we are the people for you. You can free your team from the things that are consuming all their time and creating friction and frustrating. Now is the time for you to focus ON your business and not get stuck IN your business?

Our mission is to allow our clients client to implement their business plan without having to be troubled with technology, or “least friction technology” in one turnkey 360 service.

Connect with us to discover how easy the right Managed IT Services partner is.

Site Care

For network, chrome devices and peripherals

Our default plan is Sitecare and we deploy an appliance per location that monitors the devices connected to your office network and provide our technical staff with a base level of visibility into your systems with automated alerts.

Desktop Care

Desktop Care option for Windows and OS/X (add-on)

Once Sitecare is installed you can add the option of Managed Services Desktop Care for both Windows OS or Apple Mac OS/X.

If you have Chrome OS management is included in your Chrome Enterprise license. 

Managing Your IT Infrustructure Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Geeks on Tap were born in the cloud and live in the cloud.
As experts in the cloud we know how to manage your IT.

"When you find the right IT partner your whole IT experience changes. Believe it or not, we now enjoy using our technology as it works for us not the other way around"

– GoT Client