Does technology come to mind?

Think about what’s most important in your business.

No matter what your core business is, there’s no denying that technology plays an important role in day-to-day operations. And as we grow more dependent on IT, it’s becoming increasingly-important that your network and systems are online and operating efficiently at all times.

Key Areas of Support

That’s where our fully-managed approach to IT can help. With proactive remote monitoring and management, we’re able to keep tabs on your IT infrastructure 24×7, 365 days a year – and when a problem does arise, our technical experts can quickly resolve it; in many cases before you’re even aware that there was a problem at all.

Geeks on Tap will cover the four key areas to remove friction and resources making your IT easy and as some people have even said, enjoyable.

Cloud Centric Approach to MSP

Cloud Centric Approach to MSP

Network Operations

The ability to monitor all network devices and connections remotely. Our service desk manages and monitors incident reports, network traffic, performs network reviews, implements backups and manages your asset lifecycle.

Systems Operations

The ability to perform core systems management tasks. Core systems management includes performance monitoring, installation of patches, change management, account management and support for specific platforms, Google, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

Security Management

The ability to protect the enterprise from external/internal threats. A service desk will perform vulnerability scans, monitor IPS logs and map this data to the information security related regulatory mandates.

Asset Management

The ability to tag and track assets with full history, check in/out to staff, EOL and lifecycle management, track warranty and repairs, track loans.

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“When you find the right IT partner your whole IT experience changes. Believe it or not, we now enjoy using our technology as it works for us not the other way around”